In an MPLS network with L3VPNs, it's very easy for the NEXT_HOP attribute of a VPN route to look absolutely correct but be very wrong at the same time. In a vanilla IP network, the NEXT_HOP can point to any IP address that gets the packets moving in the right direction towards the ultimate destination.

Sep 08, 2013 Guide to Unix/BSD/OpenBSD/As a Desktop - Wikibooks, open Jun 28, 2016 OpenBSD firewall/router feedback survey : networking As I recall OpenBSD has some basic MPLS functionality, so there is a starting point. Definitely would like to see it enhanced, especially the traffic engineering capabilities. permalink openbsd dev - tech - [patch] ldp & ldpctl implicit null Il giorno dom, 11/04/2010 alle 10.21 +0200, Thomas Habets ha scritto: > I played around a bit with ospfd and ldpd against real cisco routers, and > noticed some strange things. Glad to see that someone is testing MPLS and ldpd. That is going to help us. Keep in mind that it is still in a development state.

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LDP¶. The ldpd daemon is a standardised protocol that permits exchanging MPLS label information between MPLS devices. The LDP protocol creates peering between devices, so as to exchange that label information. This information is stored in MPLS table of zebra, and it injects that MPLS information in the underlying system (Linux kernel or OpenBSD system for instance). FRR does not pass MPLS input traffic to the mpw0 interface May 30, 2018

The concept of a shared and source tree exist in a draft-rosen network, just like a non-MPLS network running PIM-SM. The shared tree is called the Default Multicast Distribution Tree (MDT) and is built between all of the PEs in the multicast domain. The equivalent to the source tree is called the Data MDT which is built out only to those PE routers that have group members attached to them.

Troubleshooting a Duplicate OSPF Router ID | Jan 29, 2020 draft-agrawal-spring-srv6-mpls-interworking-02 - SRv6 and