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Tor Browser for Windows 7.0 Free Download Jun 13, 2017 Most Frequently Asked Questions | Tor Project | Support Tor Browser is currently available on Windows, Linux and macOS.. There is a version of Tor Browser for Android and The Guardian Project also provides the Orbot app to route other apps on your Android device over the Tor network.. There is no official version of Tor … How to install Tor for Chrome for even more private

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Aug 21, 2018 How to Access .onion Sites (Also Known as Tor Hidden Services) Jul 12, 2017 Tor (anonymity network) - Wikipedia

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The Tor 2020 network is a set of virtual tunnels that offer to conceal your identity by sending traffic with the relay on the network first before sending it directly to the Internet. Utilizing the Tor network relay system, Tor Browser can protect its users ‘ personal privacy in 2 ways.