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My IP Hide . There are many kinds of proxy software that can help you to change IP. FileZilla, mIRC, and any program/game that has a socks proxy option. Same as an HTTP proxy, socks proxy is unstable. You can use Socks Proxy Checker to test the socks proxies before using them. The free edition is enough for you to change IP. How to hide my whole IP in IRC? | Yahoo Answers Feb 09, 2012 The DALnet IRC Network

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A visible IP or hostname allows someone to draw some easy conclusions about you. For example which country/state you're in. So, if some level of privacy is important to you on IRC, hiding/masking/cloaking your IP/hostname makes sense. Be advised though, IRC administrators are always able to see your real IP/hostname unless you use a proxy/bouncer. QuakeNet IRC Network - Help How can I hide my hostname on QuakeNet? How to choose a secure password? I have set user mode +x, how do I get my old hostname back? I keep getting messages containing links to pornographic websites. How do I stop them? Introduction; Malicious scripts and code. Things not to do. What is an open proxy G-line for? Why do people try to crack Q How to Get a Cloak on IRC: 3 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

This will now automatically AUTH you to Q when you logon. Now, finally, how do you hide your IP Address. Well, its quite simple. You have to set mode +x on yourself. To this this automatically, enter , in AutoPerform, on the next line this. Code: [Select] //mode $me +x. Your AutoPerform should now look like this.

Software that will assist you in hiding your real IP Address. Latest News - outage - Bahamut 2.1.6 release - Bahamut 2.1.5 release. View archive. Feb 09, 2012 · How to hide my whole IP in IRC? I know how to hide my IP, but setting myself to +x. I want to know how to hide my host name though. It is maine.res.rr or something like that and I don't want people to be able to see it. Usually I use Xchat to connect to IRC servers. mIRC Crack is a powerful Internet relay chat client used by millions of people and thousands of organizations to Hide IP (1) HTML (1) IDM (5) Image Resizer (4) There are also more umodes available depending on which modules are loaded, such as umode +p, which will hide your idle status from /stats p (handy if you have operbots or multiple clients). Ask your admin for details on which umodes are avialable from installed modules. Apr 01, 2011 · With PySocks you'll be able to use all features of ICQ, MIRC, Napster and such again! Smart Hide IP v. Smart Hide IP is an online security software via hiding your IP address to surf online anonymously , keep hackers off from collecting your secrecy, prevent identity theft or credit card fraud, etc.