Apr 13, 2018 · For example, if your ISP is slowing your Internet speed down, it’s probably slowing it down towards the end of the month after you’ve used a large amount of data. You then probably have typical, fast speeds at the beginning of the next billing period. You can monitor Internet speed variations over time by using the SpeedTest website.

The technician stated they were getting a lot of these type of complaints - slow speeds at night. His explanation is that everyone, adults and kids, gets home at night and uses the internet. However, he agreed with me that that does not explain the very slow speeds very late at night/early morning from 1:00am to 7:00am. May 27, 2008 · its like 8:30 pm now, I've been on the computer since 7pm and i haven't been able to watch any videos on youtube fully because evrything above 3 minutes (e.g. Every song! and AMV!!!) takes at least 10 minutes to load. its like the only time i can get reasonable internet is in the wee hours of the morning. in the night its just a pain, restarting the modem doesn't work. In fact the only sites

Sep 26, 2016 · Usually, people get some free time in the evening or during the night. And for obvious reasons, people start using internet leading to congestion, which in turn leads to slow internet speeds.

Forum discussion: I am in canada now, im from the usa. When i first got here, the internet wifi was very bad at that place. I then went to another apartment and was told internet wifi here was I updated from V1.0.7.12_1.2.5 to V1.0.9.12_1.2.23 and noticed my internet speed would slowly degrade over the course of 24 hours from 125 Mbps to about half the speed (~65 Mbps). After power-cycling the router the speeds went back to normal but again started degrading. I then tried a factory reset and but still speeds degrade over time. During the day, if the internet goes down it comes back up in a few minutes but I’ve noticed at night a lot of the times the internet goes from 230mbps to 30. It’s happened multiple times since I moved in the beginning of the month

According to Microsoft, “local Internet congestion can result in slower-than-normal connection speeds.” When many people are online at the same time, Internet speeds will slow down for those with cable Internet.