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I just installed the new Windows Terminal from Windows stores. I also have installed Ubuntu 18.04 WSL. But I am getting only two types of terminal options in Windows Terminal. How I can get the option of Ubuntu terminal in it. Also, I want cmd to be my default terminal in it rather than PowerShell. 6 Ways To Open A Ubuntu Application - Lifewire Mar 26, 2020 Changing Ubuntu WSL starting directory keeps it set to the I've tried all of these and it still seems to be defaulting to c/Users/{user} as well. Any suggestions? start by using this -> //wsl$/Ubuntu/ and then recursively find the directory where you want to go. If you wanna change drives like go to D:/ its not picking up, moreover you can change to your starting directory whose write access is done by root. Programmer's Survival Guide for Mac and Ubuntu - Terminal

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Apr 24, 2020 · Enable Dark Theme in Ubuntu. Not all but applications using GTK3 should automatically comply with the dark theme. In other words, you’ll notice that most of the applications like text editor, terminal, LibreOffice etc on your system automatically switch to dark mode.

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