You need to take ownership of the files on the other XP drive. To do this Right click on the folder, choose Advanced and click on Owner. Your logon from Vista should be listed as an option, click on that and check the box that includes subfolders and hit OK. You may have to close out the XP folder and re-enter to then access the files.

Mar 27, 2007 Destination Folder Access Denied | Vista Forums May 08, 2007 Destination folder access denied | Vista Forums Nov 18, 2008 Destination Folder Access Denied in Vista Solutions create a text file called Ownership.reg and add this (between the dashed lines) and then save. Close the file then go to the location you saved it and double click it and say yes to the merge to registry confirmation box. This will give a right click option to take ownership of any file or folder.

If you still getting the Access Denied error, you may try to take the folder ownership of PolicyDefinitions folder and then add yourself or Domain Admin and Enterprise Admin to write access to copy ADMX and ADML policy files and folders Also Read: Group policy is not applying/working after patching (GPO Permission issues)

Vista Destination Folder Access Denied | Visser Labs Vista Destination Folder Access Denied Posted on November 17, 2007 by Michael Visser This afternoon I felt the urge to organise the contents of my secondary hard drive, it’s in a real state and has needed treatment for a long time coming… Destination Folder Access Denied [Windows View] - STEALTH Jan 17, 2009

Vista Destination Folder Access Denied | Visser Labs

Mar 29, 2007 PolicyDefinitions and ADMX/ADML Files cannot be copied