Feb 28, 2010 · I have an older PS3 and I can't get on. My wife has a new (slim) PS3 and not only can she log on, but she can log on to my accounts. I've done an internet test and it says, "obtaining IP address - successful" and "internet connection - successful" and "Playstation Network - failed".

May 17, 2010 · I haven't played on my PS4 in about a year, so I log on and it says I have to update my privacy settings, but at the very end, I can't connect to … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts The other day, the game wouldn't connect to the servers. I reset the system and still unable to connect. Now I see this message. Unable to access your online profile storage. The account information may be invalid. ?? My account status, as I've checked, seems in order and I can log into the servers via DA2 just fine. Feb 22, 2013 · my account has always worked before no problem. but recently i had to set the ps3 back to its default settings for certain reasons. but now that i did that, it won't let me log into the playstation network. i know the email address is correct, and i know the password is correct. and yet it still says it isn't. even when i try to do the "i forgot my password" thing, it says the information is I bought a used PS3. And because the previous owner's account is still activated on it, I can't activate mine. Since I don't know his/her password, I can't deactivate his/her account and acvivate

modem and ps3 try getting online to play your game if on wireless do same settings as above but instead of selecting wired select wireless automatic all if that doesn't work go into your router d-link brand router linksys brand router belkin brand router enter that ip in your webbrowser

Aug 02, 2016 · Today, users began reporting issues of not being able to sign into PSN. It turns out the reason is a pretty simple misunderstanding. Still no word from Sony on the matter.

We recently installed the Orbi system with two satellites, to replace my existing Netgear Router (model R6400). Once setup, my son lost his ability to log into the Playstation network (he has a Playstation 4-Pro with the latest version of their software (5.5)). When he tried to log in, he received a

Hello everyone, I think I've screwed myself over. Can't log into my account anymore, probably permanently. If anyone has any advice it would be very appreciated. Ok my situation, I have two accounts, enaysoft, enaysoftjp, first is UK account, second is Japan. I live in Japan but am from the UK, so I have both accounts. Since 2008, all good so far. In this video the tutor shows how to sign on to the Playstation network using Playstation 3. To connect to a Playstation network you will need a PS3 Controller and the PS3 itself. First signing on to the system, go to the System Settings. Then go to the network settings and you will need to configure your internet settings as shown in this video. It shows the different ways connecting to an